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Tax Services

Tax Accountants Brighton

With many years experience in practice and industry the tax consultant of Accounting Solution is there to assist you with your taxation needs. We not only assist you in meeting your statutory requirements by filling out all the onerous and increasingly complicated tax returns but insist on understanding the clients’ individual needs in order to ascertain that not a penny more in tax is spent than is required. Based in Brighton and Hove we offer a one stop tax solution to small and medium sized businesses and individuals whose tax requirement range from the small uncomplicated self employed to company and corporate tax planning for the larger businesses. We cater for retail, professional services company, on line shops, e bay shops, construction firms, trades like plumbers and electricians etc. We are Qualified, fully experienced and able to carry out the work professionally and to tight deadlines.

Personal Tax


Self Assessment is the term used for the return required by HM Revenue and Customs for any individual who conducts a trade or profession. Some employees and directors on a high income are also required to file a tax return. This return must be submitted every year and increasingly a default £100 penalty is levied for non submission of a Tax Return.

Tax Legislation is constantly changing and is becoming increasingly more difficult to understand for the lay man. Don’t risk incurring penalties by failing to complete your tax return on time, in full or accurately.

We promise to save you time, worry and money by undertaking the Self Assessment for you. We can undertake all the necessary computations and will complete your Return for you. Our service includes advice on how you can minimize legitimately your tax liability. Whether you are caught by IR35, have capital gains or simply have a small business which requires accounts we are there to help.

At no extra cost we can act as your agent, thus dealing directly with the HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

Corporation Tax


Over the years new legislation has made it increasingly attractive to incorporate ones business thus taking advantage of the reduced tax rates on offer for companies. At Accounting Solution, our tax accountants have the skill and expertise in guiding you through the best way of structuring your business to take advantage of this legislation thus ensuring maximum profitability and lowest tax liability for your business.

Optimum tax efficiency is a very important goal for any businesses. Why pay more tax than you have to! We conduct a detailed understanding of your current and future business objectives and can help you structure and plan for better tax efficiency both immediately and in the medium to long term.

We have a thorough understanding of VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax, capital gains and personal tax matters. Accounting Solution can make a substantial contribution to the overall profitability and efficiency of your business.