Cost Reduction Services
Identifying and Securing Costs With Cost Reduction Solutions

Cost Reduction Services

Reduce costs, buy better, increase profit


We offer an innovative service aimed at cost reduction. Our cost reduction experts have a proven track record of securing sustainable year-on-year savings for our clients. They deliver these across a wide range of spending categories. They work with businesses in most industry sectors.

They can help any company but it is usual firms with an annual turnover exceeding £500,000 and who employ more than 5 staff which benefit most. We can identify and deliver an expenditure reduction of usually at least 5% of turnover.

It isn’t just about switching energy suppliers etc. It includes many other areas such as production costs, purchasing and procurement activities and delivering increased value to their customers.

What will it cost you?

Our standard pricing model is to charge a flat daily fee. We will analyze your company operation and after having understood your structure, function and method we will write up a report with our recommendations. If you stick to our recommendations we guarantee the cost savings outlined.

Every company has potential savings to be made – our job is to identify them and deliver the benefits.